Episode 2 - Boeing 737-800



This is the second ever episode of Neutral.

In this episode Glenn and Damo set up a story for Jason that allows him to for fill a life long dream.

The format of the show returns to normal this time with a feature story and then a short segment on a mechanical tech tip.

So what is the feature story this week, well just watch the show and you will find out. All we can tell you is that it features a Boeing 727-800.

Flight Simulator 737 allow you to take the controls for a “once in a life time experience”. Flight Simulator 737 at Archerifeld in Brisbane has opened its Boeing 737 simulator to the public. For most people, flying a highly expensive, high tech airline simulator is only a dream, now this experience can be yours. You can fly a real Boeing 737 Simulator like the airline pilots do.

Flight Simulator 737 offers flights in the Flight Training Australia Boeing 737 simulator used to train their airline pilots from Australia and around the world.

If you are interested in getting behind the controls of a Boeing 737-800 just as we did get in touch with Flight Simulator 737 and support them just as they supported our show and tell them Neutral set you. Just see s/en.js" type="text/javascript"> their website for more information.

They are located at Archerfield airport in Brisbane.

Phone: +61 7 3371 5737 (inside Australia 07 3371 5737)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.flightsimulator737.com.au

The music in this episode was provided by Machinery Hill and is from the album "Get On Top" The song is "D.E.C.A"

You can download the song or the whole album from iTunes now by clicking on either the album or song title above.

We have a new comp to go with this episode. If you want to get behind the controls of a Boeing 737 just as Jason did, simply introduce a friend to Neutral by sharing or telling them about our show.

Once they have become a fan via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube just send us an email via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your details and the names of those you introduced.

Because Flight Simulator 737 is located at Archerfield in Brisbane make sure you live near or can get there if you want to win this competition and claim the prize.

"Congratulations to Paul Druce, he was the lucky winner of this prize"

Our shows opening tile features the awesome artwork of 3Deuce Speedshop. Please check out their fantastic website and support them as have been kind enough to allow us to use their artwork in our show.

These wonderful images were brought to life by the animation talents of Mike Wright.

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