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Times change

When I was growing up everyone I went to school with was either a Holden or a Ford fan.

I was on Holden's side and every time Bathurst was on I would sit in front of the TV all weekend and watch every lap.

I clearly remember those epic battles that unfolded on the mountain, the dramatic driver changes and brake pad replacements. One mistake could cost you precious time and maybe the race.

I don't exactly know why but I was a Peter Brock fan, maybe because he was such a successful driver and he drove a Holden. Maybe it was other influences such as the fact we owned a Kingswood. I do know that due to this alliance to Holden I hated anyone in a Ford.


The Things You See

Driving gives many people a great deal of pleasure and for others I'm sure a great deal of frustration.

I hate traffic, who doesn't? There is one thing that makes traffic interesting for me and its the sights.

There are many things that happen daily on the road and I'm sure you have all witnessed the types of events I'm talking about. I've mentioned a few of these sorts of things before, but what I saw today cracked me up.

I was on my way home and I saw something that made me look twice. As I was driving I noticed the car in front had something moving around in the car. Now it's not unusual for a driver to lean over to get something out of the glove box while stopped at the lights, but when I had a second look the driver was sitting up in the drivers seat.


Fixed Speed Cameras

We all love to hate our politicians and sometimes we have good reason. Many of our elected officials are handed portfolios without the requirement or need of any skills related to said portfolio.

So when these people get in front of TV cameras and make statements on issues such as road safety are they talking from experience, the view of the lobby group who they met with earlier that day or internal party views.

A few days ago Queenslands Police Minister was telling us that the number of cars caught speeding through black spots that had fixed cameras was declining. I do agree that reducing the road toll is a worthwhile objective, however boasting that the number of drivers caught speeding in these areas is helping reduce the road toll seems fanciful.

So what qualification do I have? Well lets just say I could be a politician.... I do however have the power of observation and common-sense. I have driven past these locations with fixed speed cameras on may occasions. What I have observed is a bloody big sign on the side of the road indicating that a fixed speed camera is ahead.


Some mothers do have em

Some people are just born stupid, I'm convinced of that. We all have those encounters with people and we are left thinking what a waste of oxygen.

I have those encounters all the time, maybe I'm the odd one out.

Now if I asked you to think of one of these encounters when you have been on the road, I'm sure you will rattle of example after example.

We have all seen people taking a left exit from the right lane, turning down a one way street and of course running red lights.

I've seen some pretty stupid things during my lifetime on the road, overloaded cars, people who just can't park, even a car driving through a walkway between two houses.


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