Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Gold Coast 600

Do you have no budget to race? It's to much to even watch these days

What are your thoughts on the Gold Coast 600 and its new format?

First of all the track is now shorter and I can see the reason why the organises have come to this agreement, 1st of all it doesn't cost as much to set up the event, 2nd thing is that the crowds will look bigger in the smaller track precinct.

So why is it that V8 Supercars have put the prices through the roof this year. I cant believe that it is $75.00 per adult to enter the track on the cheapest pass for 1 day (saturday/sunday) what a joke. How can the average Australian afford to go and watch this event any more, let alone take the family.


Bathurst - A day in front of the TV

Ok so it's race day at Bathurst and as usual I'm sitting in front of the tv. I've been relegated the bedroom as my son is watching play school on the big screen in the main lounge. No chance of winning that battle. I'll wait for his attention to move onto other things then I'll pounce.

As the coverage unfolds I'm sure the seven network will do regular race updates. I'm planing to do the same by writing this blog as the day unfolds. I'll include a few race updates but also track my day as I watch the race from home.

Lap 1, the race is underway and what started out to be an incident free first lap ended with Fabian Coulthard destroying in his Bundy Red Commodoore at the end of con rod. Initial indications point to a left rear tyre failure. Fabian walked away and as his team mate indicated you can rebuild a car but not a driver so it's good to see he is OK.


Tolls - More Tolls

When I was growing up I never paid much attention to roads or even driving for that matter as I like most kids had a full time chauffeur, in fact I had two. My Mum and my Dad.

I do remember living in Melbourne and clearly remember the Westgate bridge. I remember that it had collapsed during construction and I was always amazed by its height and I hoped that it never collapsed again, especially when we were crossing it.

There was one other thing that stood out and that was the toll booths on one side of the bridge. As a young boy I always wondered why the booths were only on one side, it seemed strange to me that you could cross the bridge before paying.

I did live in an era when Chris de Burgh had a song with lyrics recommending you "don't pay the ferry man until he gets you to the other side". With my concerns about the bridge safety this was sound advice. But it depended on which side of the bridge you were crossing from.



Shhhh - Quiet please

Queensland rail is trialling quite zones on their trains. It appears that a rail reference group has suggested the idea and it's been taken on board. (no pun intended)

I saw a recent poll on a Brisbane news website and surprisingly 75% of respondents supported the idea. Now this poses a few problems that I can see. If 75% of people who travel on trains support the idea and Queensland Rail only have one carriage as a targeted shhhhh zone then it will be one very busy carriage.

They have flagged the last carriage of each train as the quiet zone and apparently they are considering making the first and last carriages dedicated shhhhh zones as they are popular.

So in the name of research I decided to check out these quite zones for myself. I thought I would board an outbound peak hour service to ensure the carriage was full. At first I was surprised how quite the ride was. Mind you I was still sitting at the station.


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