Sunday, December 17, 2017

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New Car or Not New Car?

What's makes people buy a new car? Is it their expanding family, the old one just won't go any more or is it just that some people want to have the latest.

I often toy with the idea of replacing the (Neutral) Charade for something else.

The Charade has severed me well as a second car. It still gets me to the train station each day and runs on fumes.

I can't remember how long I've had the old girl but I can remember that I've had the clutch and the engine head replaced in recent times.

The air conditioning was fixed last summer but has stopped working again. Last time it was an electrical fault that took out the AC and it's likely that's the cause again.


Holiday Travels

There are so many forms of travel available to holiday makers and like most this holiday season I chose to use a combination when holidaying in Sydney, Australia.


My plan was simple get dropped off at the airport, fly to Sydney, then use public transport to get around then fly home and get picked up when we arrive back home.


All went to plan for the first hour.


My brother was kind enough to pick us up at home and drive us to Brisbane airport. Being a public holiday there was no traffic and it was a dream run arriving at the airport well before our flight.


We had already checked in online and only had to drop our bags. Whilst standing in line at the bag drop counter the following announcement was made. "Passengers traveling on the 10.00am flight to Sydney please be advised that your flight has been cancelled to to a mechanical fault"



A question about busses

One of our Facebook fans recently posted a question for us to ponder.

For those of you not on Facebook here is a copy of the question.

Hi guys. Something has been bugging me a bit lately and hoping you can clear it up for me?

What are the road rules regarding buses pulling out from the kerb? Is it sufficient for the bus to merely flash a blinker and pull out in front of you? Several times recently I have had to brake heavily just to avoid a collision and I am starting to get a bit annoyed. 
I understand the whole "give way to buses" bit and also common courtesy but surely there is a duty of care on behalf of the bus driver. 
Any words of wisdom most welcome.


Audi A4 Road Trip

A few weeks ago I made a trip down to Melbourne for my 20 year high school reunion.

I love traveling, especially flying. So when the opportunity to fly down to Victoria for a weekend came up I was happy to shot down.

I did my high school years in Sale east of Melbourne. Due to the fact that the reunion was in Sale I had to drive a few hundred kilometres and this allowed me to do something else I enjoy. Driving.

Its funny how the things you love can be frustrating, take flying for example. I love flying but hate crowded airports and ignorant passengers.


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