Monday, December 18, 2017

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Easter Road Blitz

So we have just had another Easter long weekend and this time it coincided with Anzac Day resulting in a five day weekend.

As usual the Police informed us that they were going to have the now compulsory crackdown on the roads.

This includes an increased police presence on the road and in some states double demerit points.

I'm no traffic expert, I'm more like a casual observer and on the weekend just gone I did some observing.


Apology Not Accepted

There are many reasons that people catch public transport to work. For some its the ease of just sitting back and being delivered from door to door, for others it may be due to necessity such as teens who don't have a license yet.

I tell people I catch public transport because it gives me plenty of material to blog about.

I used to ride but a current knee injury is preventing me from using that mode of transport. Whatever your mode of public transport we all want one thing. Reliability.

There is nothing worse than planning to get somewhere only to be let down by the public transport system. OK so there are some instances when you can forgive the transport operators such natural weather events, traffic and when someone goes and throws themselves in front of a train. (please don't throw yourself in front of a train)


Neutral Update

We often get asked what have we been up to since we finished series one, and are we planning on doing a second series.

Well to answer the first question we have all had a well deserved break and by break we mean we spent our Christmas holiday season helping our community recover from the devastating floods.

Our own self indulgent show pales into insignificance when you see first hand the devastation and total destruction that mother nature unleashed on the communities throughout Queensland.


Car Innovations

Do you remember what your first cars was? I can, it was a old Toyota Corona.

I don't remember the year it was manufactured but I do remember it was special, it was one of a rare import that featured twin carbs and a sports dash it even included a tachometer.

As a young guy I did what most rev heads do and that's piss off all my neighbours by adding a loud sports exhaust.

I remember one time my mother told me the story of when she was in a hair dressers and she didn't even have to look out side as I drove by to know it was me, she even remarked to the hair dresser that's my son. I still don't know to this day if it was a comment made out of pride or shame.


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