Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Online Shopping

There has been a lot discussion in the media lately about online shopping. When the Aussie dollar is high it makes sense to grab a bargain from overseas as the savings can be quite significant.

There is also another part of the discussion that appears to be forgotten about and that's online shopping locally. Many people or I should say retailers are complaining about the increase in online shopping and a loss of sales as a result of imports.

I have had a number of recent online shopping experiences that involve both sides of local and international purchases.


FUJITSU V8 Series Drivers Set To Race For Jase

Fresh from a weekend of action at the Sucrogen Townsville 400 in North Queensland, several leading competitors in the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series will be hitting the Ipswich Kart Track this Saturday in the Race for Jase.

The Race for Jase event is a three-hour endurance event where up to 40 teams of two drivers will take to the 1060-metre track aboard 125cc karts. All funds raised from the event will be donated to V8 Supercar driver Jason Richards and his family for his treatment as he battles a rare form of cancer.

Born and bred in Ipswich, Ash Walsh, was a dual national karting champion before graduating through the ranks to now be competing in the Fujitsu V8 Series with Miles Racing.


Race for Jase

The Race for Jase event held on the Gold Coast last week was a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to mingle with, and even race against their V8 Supercar idols.

The event was a fundraiser for Jason Richards, who as we all know is battling cancer at the moment, kindly put on by ‘Racecentre’, which is based in Orchid Avenue, and sponsored by Monster Energy.

It was no surprise to see all of the Monster V8 Supercar drivers there, including Jamie Whincup, Shane van Gisbergen, Andrew Thompson, and Fujitsu driver Chaz Mostert. They were joined by Alex Davison, Ash Walsh, Marcus Marshall as well as some up and coming Formula Ford and Drifting drivers. 


Electric Dreams

It wasn't that long ago that we here at Neutral were discussing the idea of making our own fuel efficient car.

How hard could it be?

There were only a few issues that stood between us and our idea, lack of budget, lack of resources and lack of budget.

I came up with the idea of using a solution that's used by trains. Diesel electric trains use a diesel motor to drive a generator that in turn supplies electricity to electric motors that drive the wheels.


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