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Living the Dream - Part 1

Ash Miller is a friend of Neutral and he is currently on an adventure of a lifetime, here is part one of his adventure

So often, a dream will cross ones mind. It could be to sail the Nile, or it could be to climb the very same path that Sir Edmund Hillary navigated on the way to conquering Everest. Most people wake up, and continue with their morning routine getting ready for work for yet another day. Some people, however, dream of following a passion for racing, and do whatever it takes to get there.

That ‘whatever’ happened to me as I boarded the midday flight from Brisbane headed towards the other side of the world - with plans to race the BritCar 24 Hour race having been scuppered at the last second by a car giving too many troubles to fix in time, the backup option (so kindly and expertly handled by James Walker and Ignitionsport management) involved racing at Brands Hatch, in the Renault Clio Cup race supporting the British Touring Cars.


When the cost isn't the cost

Australia has had some recent law changes to how prices are to be displayed in advertising.

For example when you check out a site like you will notice the advertised prices now say drive away no more to pay and those annoying home shopping ads still have the only 4 easy payments of $49 but they also include the total price of $196. (Obviously this is because people didn’t understand that they would have to make 4 payments or they couldn’t multiply 4 by 49)

So gone are the days of reading an ad for a car with a price of $19,999 only to find out that dealer delivery and government charges sting you for a few thousand extra.


New Features & Prices for Holden Cruze

We recently reviewed the Holden Cruze and because we loved the car so much we thought we would share today's great news about some new features and prices.

Holden will introduce Bluetooth as standard across the Australian-built Cruze sedan and soon to be released hatch range, enhancing the popular vehicle’s appeal even further.

The integrated feature, previously a $600* dealer fitted accessory, will be standard as part of a model year 2012 Cruze update on sale from mid-November.


Racing Movies

It's not every day that I get along to the cinema to watch a movie, particularly a racing movie.

This is due to a number of factors and of course one of them is that fact that there are very few racing movies made.

Some of the duds that have been made in the past also make me wonder if anyone is capable of making a great racing movie. Driven comes to mind as one of the worst I've seen. Not only was the story crap but the continuity of scenes was even worse.


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