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Bring back the biff

A hot topic of late is the blatantly open rivalry and slating between drivers in both the Formula 1 and the V8’s. We look at the current fueds such as PD v SVG and Hamilton v Massa, and their impact on the sport.

The video shown at the link below analyses a comment made by Massa to Hamilton while he was being interviewed at the Singapore GP, after the pair clased.

A sarcastic ‘good job’ and a thumbs up from Massa was clearly his way of having a go at Hamilton. They also came together at the weekends Indian GP.

There have been a war of words between the two, which has been getting more intense.


Living the Dream - Part 4

Reaching Brands, a camper floor, satellite spotting and a grid of Clios.

There are moments in life that give off a certain vibe. That edgey feeling that yes, you are doing something right. That gut instinct that gives you validation that you are pretty well aligned with the universe around you.

Come the Thursday prior to Brands, whether it be the freshly cut grass on the Brabham straight, the summery sunshine, or the sounds of footsteps pacing the tarmac - whatever they mean together, that feeling of arriving at a place you feel you belong was palpable. Bathing in almost liquid golden sunlight, sitting on the straight awaiting Danny Buxton’s arrival for a track walk, the realisation of time and place hit home.

The drive to Brands itself was eventful enough. Accompanied by Ant all the way from the Whorton-Eales family home in Footherly, having spent a sunny Wednesday afternoon wandering around green fields to unwind before the weekend’s work, we hit the road to find the new i10 replacement had a rumble in it that caused the rear doors to insist on parting company with the vehicle above 80mph.


Living the Dream - Part 3

Pacing Piccadilly, Senna’s McLaren, British GT’s and the podium at Donington. (Oh, and a dead Hyundai i10.)

History states that the great city of London is over two-thousand years old - the sheer amount of history absorbed in every crack and crevice throughout the glittering English capital would take almost as long again to document.

Through wars, fires, famine and disease, the centre of the great UK empire continues to move from strength to strength.

Thankfully, these days a mild cold is about the most of your worries venturing into central London, and after crossing under the now familiar M25, I found myself venturing through the still-bustling city of the Monarch as the clock approached the midnight hour. Twisting between ages-old architecture, with the Thames on the right and Big Ben in the mirror, few sights are quite as stunning.


Living the Dream - Part 2

Living History, a few laps at Snetterton, and criss crossing the country.

Miles. The traditional form of English distance measurement. For someone used to kilometres, doing the conversion constantly while driving is a draining exercise.

Whatever way you look at though, 800 miles in 3 days, isn’t bad. Especially in a hire car that’s as tall as it is wide. And, if you look very closely under the bonnet, is powered by a bundle of small rodents on a mouse wheel. But that’s the course of the adventure - with appointments at destinations across the English mainland, I’ve been getting used to the UK’s road system pretty quickly.

After finding my way to Portsmouth from Rockingham (en route successfully draining the tank of it’s last remaining drop of fuel as I found a petrol station off the A3), I camped up at the Ibis with fellow Aussie and BMW club member Denis Weisz.


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