Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Australian GP, A bobble hat's view......

So it took what seemed an age to come around again, but the F1 season has started in true style.

The Australian GP, hosted by the glorious Albert Park, was a perfect start to us that crave everything F1.

The start of a new F1 season brings the most anticipation. What will the teams bring to the track? Who will end up 'Punching on' by the time we get to Europe? Will Adrian Newey still have what it takes to build a rocket ship? And will Red Bull disappear into the Australian sunset come race 1?


Speed Zones - How low can we go?

Well it's been a while since our last blog entry and with the new year comes all the news reports about the year ahead.

We are Brisbane based and the for those of us up here who use public transport we have all heard about the public transport fare increases. 15% across the board and this will continue each year for the next few years.

I love the governments argument that tax payers are picking up the bill for public transport users, the funny thing is many public transport users are tax payers.


Year ends fast for Tyler Greenbury with Formula 3 Test

You may remember Tyler Greenbury from our Race for Jase episode. So what has he been up to since them? This just in from our good friends at Intrepid Australia.

Australia’s CIK Pro Gearbox champion Tyler Greenbury shifted gears yesterday in a Formula 3 racecar for a test drive held at South Australia’s Mallala Raceway.

One of nine drivers taking part in the Kumho Tyres Formula 3 test day, Greenbury took to the track for three sessions and received considerable race craft advice and driving analysis that he feels will undoubtedly continue to build his overall motor sports knowledge.

Spending the day in Josh Burdon’s F3 championship car, Greenbury was confident by session two to start to push the car. 


The Holden Volt has landed!

The first Holden Volt has landed in Australia and has been revealed to employees at a special event held at Holden headquarters today.

This first cutting-edge Holden Volt vehicle arrived into Australia from the United States and is a left-hand drive model that has been adapted for use by the engineering team to begin in-country validation and verification.

The Volt has been used for numerous engineering evaluation trips, seeing it drive to various places around the country including Sydney and Canberra.


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