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Gran Turismo 6 - Bathurst Concept Movie

gt6If you are like us and have a passion for cars, you already know how fun "just driving" is: your vision blurring with speed, the vibrations telling you the texture of the road, the pitch of the tyres screeching. Just driving on a track by yourself, there is a world of drama waiting for you.

We have played GT5 to death on PlayStation in our race sims and we love not only the stunning graphics but the awesome online game play.


Australian & Underground FMX Championships Round 3

fmxPeople often ask us why we have a show and website called Neutral Car Show when we feature so much more than just cars. Here is the answer... the show was called Neutral when we started but all the domain names for Neutral were taken. So we went with Neutral Car Show becuase much of our content is car related, but we adopeted the tag line "It's so much more than just a car show".

We have featured stories on cars, bikes, planes, simulators, karts even segways and last year we featured a story on motorcross. During the week we got a message from our good friend Steve Sommerfeld who is an Australian FMX ledgend. Steve invited us out to Boonah just over an hour out of Brisbane to attend the 3rd round of the Australian & Underground FMX Championships.


Win a trip to Germany with Australia: Land of quattro

audi aAudi has produced an extraordinary television commercial, to give you the chance to win a trip for two to Germany and Austria to push quattro to its limits at the Audi ice experience! 

In what can only be described as truly innovative concept Audi has created an opportunity for you to direct your own Land of quattro TV commercial to enter.


Review - Isuzu D-Max

dmax9For many years the Isuzu D-max and Holden Colorado pick ups were basically the same truck with a different badge. Not any more, when Isuzu released the bigger, stronger, tougher D-Max last year the gap was widened between the two.

Ok so it does share some things with the Colorado like the platform, sub frame and interior dimensions but wIs
ith a completely different drive train, suspension tuning and the fact it’s now made in different factory makes it feel like a completely different truck to the Colorado.


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