Car hire vs Public transport


A recent family holiday to Melbourne highlighted the issues traveling with young kids. Do you get a hire car or use public transport?

I looked into both options and of course there are pros and cons for each.

Public transport allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride and can be cheaper than car hire, but it doesn't give you the freedom going where you want when you want.

Car hire on the other hand allows you to move around with freedom but can be expensive when you add up all the associated costs.

After considering the options I elected to go with public transport, fortunately Melbourne has some good options for getting around.

Busses run every ten minutes from Melbourne airport and if you are traveling with a family a return family ticket is very cheap. The service also has free hotel transfer and pickup.

Getting around Melbourne is easy, the free city loop tram is a great option as it covers most of the popular city spots. Regular trams will get you out to St Kilda and many of the other parts and then there are the trains. The trams run like clockwork and are so frequent you don't even need a timetable.

Once again doing trips to places like Phillip Island can be done using a coach service like AAT or APT, you can sit back and let the driver get you there and home again.

The reason I decided against a hire car is the costs add up when you have kids. You have the hire cost, insurance, car seats, satnav, fuel, parking and maybe tolls. If you stay in a hotel like I did the parking charges per night can be as much as the car hire.

Having said that the public transport system in Melbourne can be very crowded during school holidays.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you get around when traveling.

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