Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Formula 1 - Turkish Grand Prix

I've just finished watching last nights Turkish Grand Prix and must say it was a good race. I've been critical of Formula 1 in recent years and the start to this year was no different. What I've been most vocal about, has been the lack of passing or overtaking opportunities during races. Bahrain was a great example of how watching slot cars is the same as watching an F1 race.

The following races in Australia and Malaysia were rain effected and this added a little interest to start of the season. After watching the Turkish GP I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the top four runners seemed to be in close contact with each other and towards the end of the race a few passes and challenges for position started to happen.

Of course much of the race conversation turned to the comming together of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel on lap 41. I must agree with the Webber supporters on this one, I do believe that Sebastian moved right causing the collision with Mark.

I've not been the biggest Webber fan so I'm not throwing my support behind him due to some patriotic duty. I do think Sebastian had a better run onto the strait and was in position to take the corner but moved to the right before he had cleared Mark's car. It was not Mark's responsibility to get off the throttle and give him the turn. If Mark had done that everyone would have been criticising him for being soft.

Sebastian should just acce pt t his one was a mistake on his behalf and move on. I must say though the real winner here is Formula 1. I did love seeing Sebastian catch up to Mark and attempting the pass, after all this is what we need more of.

Lets just hope that next time they avoid contact and lets hope that the next race is more than a slot car race.

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