Hands by Bridgestone


bridgestonehandsWhen it comes to tyres not many of us give them a second thought.

They are on every car and they effect passenger safety, fuel economy and comfort. They last for years when taken care of but when neglected they can wear out in no time.

When you're driving, there's the equivalent of only one handprint of tread connecting each of your tyres to the road.

That's just four areas of tread, the size of your hand, controlling thousands of kilograms of machinery at great speed in all kinds of conditions. Bridgestone have put together a clever video that sums it up perfectly. Next time you walk out to your car check your tyres for wear and give some consideration to just how little tread is in contact with the road surface at any one time.

Next time your at the servo don't just fill up the tank, check your tyre presures too, the lives of you and everyone you care about rely on those four handprints.

So put yourself in Bridgestone's hands and feel safe in the care of the world's number one tyre.

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Check out the Bridgestone video below.

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