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Review - Toyota Landcruiser GX - Page 2

20140302 181437The interior is one of function over form; being a base model and consequently devoid of suburban fripperies, it’s a dirt friendly floor covering combination of rubber and vinyl. Get dirty, hose it out is the motto, with a simple cloth covering for the five seats, including the 60/40 split fold rear. 

There’s a basic set of steering wheel controls, including Bluetooth, single CD AM/FM radio with USB and auxiliary inputs. The GX has no parking sensors or reverse camera, which, initially seems a terrible omission. In hindsight, it brought back the driver training I received at a time where sensors and cameras for cars were a thing of science fiction; nowadays they’re there for people that haven’t been taught to drive. Aircon controls where minimalist also and, as such, a thing of engineering perfection, being a set of clearly identified buttons, for their individual purpose.

20140303 082902Driver’s instrumentation is also simple; tacho and oil temperature in one dial, speed and battery charge in the other, bisected by fuel and water temperature atop the gear indicator. The gear lever itself is mounted in a gated design, with a Sportshift option, unused in the week, as the bountiful torque was available at the crack of a right foot.

Naturally, for such a physically big vehicle (overall width and height is equal at 1970mm) there’s plenty of cargo space, with a massive 1431 litres available. As is the wont of manufacturers nowadays, there’s a plethora of cup holders, ideal for the farmer’s early morning coffee or a coldie at the end of the day.

The exterior of the GX provided was the basic white, with colour coded bumpers contrasting with the plain black of the driver’s side mounted snorkel intake. It’s an evolution, looks wise, of the 100 series released in the late ’90s, with a solid and bluff look. A double lamp headlight cluster and a simple, compact taillight assembly bookend the big machine.

20140302 180330Toyota’s GX Landcruiser is part of a legendary family; in it’s own right, for what its design objectives and true intended market are, it’s virtually ideal. There’s nothing excessive, it’s fitted out internally to suit the target usage, it is more than capable off road and in muddy environs and is decently economical. 

Price, though, is not for the faint of heart, clocking in at around 83 large. However, for the life of the car and for its sheer overall usefulness, it’s really not that much. 

[This blog \ review was published with aproval by Dave Conole of a wheel thing, you can read more of Dave's reviews at a wheel thing]

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