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Review - SSV VF Commodore

ssv6While some people might say the VF is just a face lift of the VE, that is definitely not the case while the outside from the front end complete with chrome highlights and integrated DRL’s, bigger fender vents, to the new rear lip spoiler (High rear wing is now an option), darkened tail lights, quad tipped exhaust and 19inch rims give the VF SSV a new aggressive look.

The bright Orange paint work is new colour to Holden’s colour chart and is called Fantale to say this is my eldest Daughter Madie’s favourite car out of all the car’s I’ve reviewed is an understatement she absolutely loves it

It’s under the skin and on the inside where Holden have made the big changes that prove this is more than just a face lift. While I liked the VE the VF is a step above the VE in every way.

Slipping into the drivers seat for the first time and I was gobsmacked by the how good the interior of the SSV looked, first thing to come to mind was WOW, Holden have stepped it up big time compared to the previous model VE not only in terms of fit and finish but the looks and feel of it as well.

ssv18The flat bottomed leather bound steering wheel is thick, comfortable to hold and has buttons to operate the cruise control, audio system and voice recognition system.

The instrument panel featuring red backlighting say that this is a muscle car, the info screen in between the gauges is multi coloured as opposed to the single one in the Evoke. A nice touch I did like was the text on the odometer was orange to match the cars colour.

The dash has a dark grey suede and leather strip across it with SSV embossed in it on the passenger side, the same dark coloured trim is continued across the door trims.

Holden have adopted a new global GM seat frame in the VF and this allowed nice improvement in the seats the front dark leather seats with a contrasting dark strip down the middle offer great support specially when cornering and are extremely confortable, the drivers seat has electric tilt and adjustment and 2 way lumber control.

ssv5The centre stack is the domain of the Mylink system regular readers will know from my previous reviews how much I really like the Mylink system and how easy it to use.

The bottom of the centre stack is the controls for the dual zone climate control air conditioning, I really like the set up right down to the feel of the dials.

The console features the buttons for the auto park assist, parking sensors and electric parking brake, the front of the console has a handy storage tray with a 12 volt socket.

Now onto the bit I don’t like, the console also features 2 cup holders that are frankly a pain in the back side in manual a car as if you have anything in them, you have to contort your arm to change gears because whatever you have in the cup holders gets in the way of your arm. Although this only a problem when you have a front seat passenger as I found if I was in the car by myself putting my drink in the passenger side cup holder cured the problem.


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