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Review - Isuzu D-Max - Page 2

dmax4Under the bonnet is where the big difference is while previous model D-Max’s and Colorado’s shared the same running gear GM and Isuzu have decided to go their own separate ways with this model, while the Colorado get GM’s new 2.8L duramax diesel the D-Max continues with the same 3.0L diesel the previous model had although it does pick up some improvements in power and torque.

With 130kW and 380Nm of torque the D-Max is just about a hundred Nm of torque down on the Colorado and other trucks in its class the D-Max’s towing capacity is only 3.0 tonne which is 500kg short of the class leading towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

Although the D-Max does get along rather smartly for a diesel truck did notice the power difference between the D-Max and the Colorado other people may not though. The trade off to this is having better fuel economy though I averaged roughly 8.4L/100km for my week in the D-max which was slightly lower then the figures I returned in the Colorado earlier on this year.

Another difference between the two is transmissions while the Colorado has a 6 speed auto the D-Max makes do with a 5 speed.

dmax2The transmission is perfectly matched to the engine so the engine remains under stressed even at highway speeds.

Safety wise the D-Max comes loaded with features including ABS, EBD and brake assist, as well as traction control, six air-bags (dual front, curtain and side), seat-belt pre-tensioners and lap-sash belts for all passengers.

It does however miss out on rear parking sensors and a rear view camera something I think every truck should be fitted with so it does loose points there.

I didn’t really get to test it out too much off road it does have high and low range 4wd which is accessed via a dial in the console but unlike the Colorado which shift on the fly 4wd you have to stop the D-Max and put it into park before you can select 4wd.

So after a week what do I think, The D-Max would be a great work truck while it can’t quite match the class leading trucks for towing capacity it’s no slouch either.

dmax6It does perform reasonably well, has decent fuel economy, good comfort for a pickup and the tray and towing capacity while it’s shy of the class leaders should be adequate enough for any tradie.

While I did feel the difference in power between the D-max and the Colorado other people might not notice it as much. Would I buy one probably not, it comes down to person taste while I do really like the look of the D-Max on the outside, the similar styled interior means for me it comes down to the drive train and I prefer the Colorado’s.

In saying that other people might have a different opinion and the D-Max certainly makes a great alternative to the Hilux, Colorado or Ford Ranger so if you’re after a honest tough truck for work or for something to go bush in on the weekends then the D-Max should definitely be on your shopping list.

[This blog \ review was published with aproval by Wayne Lancaster of 3 on the Tree, you can read more of Wayne's reviews at 3 on the Tree]

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