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Review - Audi A3 Sportback - Page 2

IMG 3596Other options include the Technik package, which features MMi Navigation plus with MMi touch, driver information system, Audi parking system plus with rear view camera. There is also a comfort package, assistance package and the S line sport package.

You would think with all the options under the sun something a simple as a usb port would be feature.... nope. You can connect your phone via bluetooth for calls but there is no music streaming option. Drop the entertainment screen and it reveals two SD card slots and DVD drive but no usb.

So it looks good (apart from its tail) it is comfortable and luxurious, but how does it drive.

IMG 3561Well let me say it one of the reasons I love Audi so much. The TFSI 1.8 turbo charged petrol engine goes hard. The Captain Cook highway north of Cairns is littered with roundabouts that the A3 devours with ease.

The seven speed auto effortlessly transitions up and down the range. The power comes on from the moment you look at the accelerator and keeps pulling all the way till you reach the speed limit. In the case of 100km thats only 7.3 seconds.

Even with a car full of passengers and luggage the performance and handling is not compromised. Mind you this driver was having more fun than the passengers who were tossed around trough the turns. Speaking of luggage there is plenty of storage in the rear.

IMG 3566The one thing that detracts from the A3 is the price, here in Australia we continue to pay a premium for imported cars, blame the luxury car tax, blame import costs, the fact is a base model A3 is priced at the higher end compared to similar sized cars that have many options and inclusions as standard. 

So not only is the A3 more expensive than comparable cars, when you start adding options to the A3 its really makes it hard to justify shelling out for one. For us here in Australia at least. If you are living in another country where you are not stung by higher prices make sure you consider the A3 it is a great all round car.

If you are like me and can’t justify the added expense there is always the option of hiring one on your next business trip or getaway.

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