Thursday, January 18, 2018

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VW Amarok

amarokThe Eskimo people of Northern Canada and Greenland believe the fabled Amarok to be the king of the wild. It is agile, powerful and robust; the Amarok is a world-class ute, created to match heavy-duty requirements.

OK so we don't live in Northern Canada or Greenland, but we do live in some of the harshest land in the world. A land where getting of the beaten track demands a tough vehicle.

The VW Amarok is a class leading ute that is built tough not only for the harsh conditions of the outback but well suited to the demands of tradeies and weekend adventures who love to explore.

The Amarok is a versatile vehicle that is great for towing the family caravan, taking rubbish to the tip and even throwing the kids bikes in the back for a family outing.

The Amarok is also extremely smart, uniting cross-country mobility and efficiency, unrivalled in this segment. Built on a robust ladder frame chassis and distinguished by the high standards of Volkswagen design, engineering and build quality, this uncompromising ute is packed with clever technology beneath a svelte coat.

The new Amarok is not only powerful it is also fuel efficient, safe and full of features including bi turbo, and an 8 speed auto. Check out the video below to see just a little of what the Amarok has to offer.

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