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Lane Departure Warning 

The same digital camera used for forward collision alerts, mounted on the windscreen ahead of the rear view mirror, can also help combat driver error, distraction and drowsiness by providing lane departure warnings.

holdenvf4This practical active safety feature helps reduce the risk of collision from drivers straying over lane markings unintentionally or departing a lane without signalling first.

The system’s digital image processor looks for lane markings to provide lane departure alerts at speeds above 56 km/h. 

A ‘lanes detected’ icon located in the cluster shines green when at least one lane marking is detected to indicate the system is tracking. It will not always track lines on both sides of the lane.  If the vehicle drifts out of the lane without turn signal indication, the Lane Departure Warning lamp switches to flashing amber and a warning tone will sound from the vehicle side affected.

A steering wheel angle sensor is designed to pick up a gradual rate of lane departure and will not react with a warning if the vehicle swerves quickly into an adjoining lane.

The Lane Departure System is activated by a control on the steering wheel. It may be deactivated by the driver, according to preference and circumstance.

Blind Spot Alert

This clever collision-avoidance technology operates via radar sensors located on both sides of the vehicle’s rear fascia.

The system’s first purpose is to caution drivers when a vehicle enters a specified ‘blind spot’ zone in an adjacent lane. The second imperative is to alert drivers to the danger if an attempt is made to change lanes.

The system ‘looks’ for other vehicles in both rear side blind spots and alerts the driver to their presence via cautionary illuminated amber icons in the left or right side external mirror, depending on which side the object is detected.

If the driver indicates to move into that blind zone, the visual alert on the affected side will flash.

Reverse Traffic Alert

This technology uses the same set of radar sensors that operate the Blind Spot Alert feature.  It warns the driver of vehicles approaching behind the vehicle when reversing out of a parking space (including angled parking) or a driveway.

holdenvf5Reverse Traffic Alert senses moving cross traffic - up to 25 metres away either side of the car – that may not be visible to the driver.  

The driver is alerted via warning chimes from a speaker on the affected side of the vehicle and by a warning symbol and red directional arrow displayed on the centre stack rear vision camera screen .

Passive Entry and Push Button Start with Sensor Key (PEPS)

This super-convenient ‘keyless’ feature allows drivers to unlock, start and lock the car simply by carrying the sensor key with them.

On approach, integrated antennas in the vehicle body identify a radio pulse generated by the key fob.  When the button on the door handle is pressed, the door will automatically unlock to allow access. 

When the ignition button (located to the left of the instrument cluster) is pushed, the driver’s key is authenticated. The vehicle immobiliser and electronic steering column lock are automatically released so that the engine can start.

When the driver leaves the vehicle with the sensor key and walks away, the vehicle will lock after eight seconds. If the driver presses the button on the door handle after exiting the vehicle, the vehicle will lock immediately. The system also electronically locks the steering column.

All PEPS-equipped vehicles have an override system – a key insertion point located inside the centre console – in the rare event that a problem with the sensor key signal may occur. An alert will ‘chirp’ if the driver has closed a door with the key left in the vehicle. 


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