Malaysian GP - Handbags at Malaysian dawn!


f12Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders in the Malaysian GP to win an intense battle with Webber.

Webber led after the final pit stops and the drivers were told to hold position to the end of the race but Vettel passed Webber after a tussle and some handbag slapping with 13 laps to go. 

Vettel has since apologised for the incident. Quote "I F**ked Up" Un-quote!!!!!!

Lewis took third ahead of Mercedes team-mate Rosberg, who obeyed an order to stay behind. Ferrari's Alonso crashed on the second lap after breaking his front wing.

The Spaniard's team-mate Massa took fifth, fighting past the Lotus cars of Grosjean and Kimi in the closing laps after the Lotus team's gamble to try to do only three pit stops rather than four failed. 

Grosjean finished sixth ahead of Kimi, who won the first race in Australia.

The battle between the Red Bulls was resolved in an intense scrap as Webber rejoined from his final pit stop.

Vettel was warned by team boss Christian Horner that he was being "silly" but the two then battled wheel-to-wheel around Turns One and Two onto Turn Four, where Webber appeared finally to yield to his team-mate despite having the inside line.

Meanwhile, there was controversy at Mercedes as Rosberg followed Hamilton closely in the final laps, could we have a repeat of the Redbull garage? Rosberg asked the team to let him pass Hamilton, but was told "negative" by team boss Ross Brawn.

When he complained again, Brawn told him that Hamilton - who had earlier been told to save fuel - was also being "controlled" and could also go faster.

Hamilton admitted on the podium: "I can't say it's the best feeling being up here today. If I'm honest I really feel Nico should be standing here." Take a bow Lewis, you have been a gentleman. This is how the Redbull ladies should have acted but have now made a fragile relationship even worse. I am glad I am not a betting man as this is classed as match fixing surely? Is Tom Waterhouse paying out on a race result of Webber, Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton?

On a lighter note it cannot go un noticed that Lewis came in for his first pit stop and came to a hault outside the McLaren garage!!! So funny, Formula 1 golden moment.

Webber is returning to Australia for a couple of weeks to get himself together and maybe he could pop into the Bridgestone Select garage and we can fit his car out Mario style, lets see what the German makes of oil slicks, tortoises and banana skins!

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