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Review - Holden Colorado 7 LTZ

Colorado 7 LTZ 1Picture this 2 teenagers laughing their butts off as we bump along a track mud flying in all directions and all over the car, we hit an unseen rut and are briefly airborne making the kids laugh more, before bouncing back to earth the car not skipping a beat and powering on through the slush.

That is the time I finally got what the Holden Colorado 7 LTZ was totally all about, this is rough tough 4wd vehicle and that's how it's meant to be used.

There are too many people in Australia who stupidly think proper 4wd vehicles should be doomed to the life of the family hack driven between home and school, not taken out of the city let alone taken off-road like they were intended to be used.

Colorado 7 LTZ 6Holden may not like me saying this but please if you are thinking of buying a Holden Colorado 7 to only use to drive the family around the city then save your money and don't do it. While your saving your money give yourself a huge upper cut while you're at it, if you want a family car with room in the back buy a Commodore Sportwagon.

If you want a vehicle that's tough and rugged that will take you, your family and all your gear off the beaten track and anywhere else you want to go in this wide brown land as well as tow your caravan then go down to your Holden Dealer now and have a look at the Colorado 7.

On the outside I will honestly it's not completely the best looker, while it shares the same looking front end as the Colorado pickup which I don't mind at all I think things went a little astray after the back doors to me the back windows don't really match the lines of the car but in saying that none of the other 4wd's running are ever going to win a beauty contest either. I do however like the colour Blue Mountain which i think really suits the Colorado 7.

Colorado 7 LTZ 9The Colorado 7 LTZ is fairly well equiped with 18inch Alloys wrapped in Bridgestone Dueler H/T tyres, side steps, projector head lights, front fog lights, 8 speaker stereo, climate control air conditioning, LED tail lights, power fold mirrors, 6 way adjustment of front passenger seat and 6 way electric adjustment to the driver's seat.

On the inside you get a functional if not a touch plain interior the leather seats are comfortable and supportive, the rear seats are comfortable and offer a decent amount of leg room and the 3rd row seats have a decent amount of leg room as well.

With 1830 litres of cargo space with the rear seats folded or 878 Litres with just the 3rd row seats folded the Colorado 7 has plenty of space for all the families gear on a long trip away away. The 3rd row seats fold flat but they don't fold flush in the back so it doesn't look neat as what it could be though.

What I did like and one thing I am a little critical of my Captiva not having is air conditioning vents for the rear and 3rd row seats which are in the roof where you get 2 decent sized vents for each row operated by a dial not the prettiest of installation's but at least they are there and my kids appreciated them a lot.

Colorado 7 shares it's instruments with it's Colorado pickup stable mates, the twin gauges with the info screen in between don't look too bad and are very reminiscent of the Chevy Camaro. Although in some light it's wonderful to have the info screen there with a digital speedo as at times the dials are hard to read.

The dash is made up of a whole lot of hard plastics not so bad for a 4wd as it makes things easier to clean specially after a dusty off-road trip, although the cabin is well sealed off invariably you can't stop the dust getting in after you open the doors.


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