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lewisMy old mate Lewis became the seventh different winner in as many races in a boring Canadian Grand Prix that came alive in the final laps.

Lewis fought up from third place past Alonso and Vettel in the closing laps. Alonso's one-stop strategy, Lewis did two, failed - he dropped from the lead to fifth as his tyres faded. He was passed by Grosjean, Perez and Vettel, who made a late second stop.

Alonso just managed to hold on to fifth from the fast closing Mercedes of Rosberg on the last lap.

The result moves Lewis into the championship lead, two points ahead of Alonso, who is one ahead of Vettel. Button had a terrible race and finished 16th, slipping in the process to eighth in the championship, 43 points off the lead.

Lewis ran second in the opening laps, behind Vettel and ahead of Alonso in the order in which they had qualified for the race. Alonso briefly took the lead by running a couple of laps longer than his rivals to his first pit stop but Lewis was able to pass him straightaway as the Spaniard struggled to get his tyres up to working temperature.

Lewis then led the middle portion of the race, building a four-second lead over Alonso and Vettel. Lewis came in for his final stop on lap 50, with 20 to go, and although that demoted him to third, the greater grip from his tyres meant he caught his rivals quickly.

He passed Vettel on lap 62 and then Alonso on lap 64 on his way to his first win since last November's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Vettel, feeling his tyres were finished, stopped for a fresh set on the lap after Lewis had passed him, but Alonso and Ferrari decided to hang on.

It was the wrong call - those behind him closed rapidly and he was helpless to hold them off.

It was an especially impressive race from Grosjean and Perez - both men were on the same one stop strategy as the Ferrari but did not run into the same tyre problems. Grosjean and Lotus took the same approach as Alonso, stopping one lap later to change from the 'super-soft' tyres to 'softs' and running to the end.

Perez, who had qualified only 15th, started on the hard tyres and ran a long first stint before switching to the 'super-softs' at the end. Jason' best friend Webber was seventh, ahead of Kimi, Kobayashi and Massa. 
While McLaren will be celebrating Lewis's win, there will be some head-scratching about Button!

Lewis this, Lewis that, its all about Lewis old mate!

Back into Europe next, to Valencia.

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