Gymkhana / Ken Block Infographic


kenblockWe are sure many of you have seen the Ken Block video we have enbeded in our Favourite YouYube vides section.

We are almost as sure that you would agree that Ken's driving is insane and awesomly entertaining. In fact the Gymkhana videos have passed the 135 million viewers mark. Thats about 134,950,000 more views that we've had. lol

The guys at DC shoes got in touch with us recently and shared with us a Gymkhana Infographic and now we are sharing it with you.

The DC Ken Block Gymkhana Project is a viral phenomenon with well over 135 Million views worldwide and a collection of more than 40+ videos. The Gymkhana franchise has won countless awards including top rated, most shared video series and most recently received the award for #1 viral video ad of 2011.

You'll find a host of interesting facts and figures below and just in case you have not seen the Gymkhana video we've included a link below.

View the entire collection of Gymkhana videos.

DC Shoes - Gymkhana Infographic

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