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Bahrain GP - A Kevlar Bobble hats view....


All jokes aside, there was a German, a Fin and a Frenchman who went to the dessert to have a race!!!!!! O.M.G has this season grabbed your attention yet as it should have.

Yet another amazing race out in the dessert of Bahrain. Who would of guessed that we would have 4 different drivers that have won the first four races of the season.

Vettel from pole took the victory but that sounds like the Vettel of old but it was not as easy as that! The Scot, Di Resta, had a flirt with the lead, Force India' first time up the front. Grosjean also lead briefly.

Pit stops and tyre wear played a massive part in the race just ask Lewis, he had trouble with his nuts, not once but twice during consectutive stops, that put him out of contention. Most chose 3 stops, Di Resta only 2.

Vettel was again pressured for the lead, this time by Kimi, he hunted down Vettel to come within a second on the time sheets. The final pitstop had the pair racing with a 3 second gap all the way to the end as both drivers were trying to balance tyre wear and going really quick.

Twice throughout the race Rosberg made some agressive moves and came under investigation from the stewards. First he pushed Lewis onto the dirt and then repeated himself with Alonso on the same part of the track. The stewards cleared him of any wrong doing after the race, it looked good on the TV though.

Webber had a quiet race and finished fourth staying clear of everything and to be quite honest drove around unoticed. Di Resta came home 6th and was well deserved.

Once again we had 6 manufacturers finishing in the top 10. For all of the effort from McLaren thus far and almost in with an early chance of running away with both championships, they do not lead either! Vettel heads the drivers and Red Bull the other. Does this mean that the tide has turned and Red Bull have found their form at last????

Its off to Europe for the next two races, modified cars and late nights (for Me) can only mean that a recipe for more more more.....

P.S had a chat with Bernie not to touch the regulations anymore and leave them alone as we are having one hell of a season so far!

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