China GP - A Bobble Hats View.......


news6This has been the best start to an F1 season in a very long time, fact! So far this years drivers title is anyones, the manufacturers title is also anyones guess.

Like most season long sports consistancy will be the key and McLaren may just have an edge there, but I would say that!

So the weekend was shaping up as normal, the Mercedes team were doing there one lap specials, Mclaren and Red Bull were doing normal stuff but someone forgot to tell Sauber and Lotus that they are not meant to be at this end of the grid!

What a great effort to get both of their cars inside the top 10, it a shame that you dont get points for qualifying but I will have to ask Bernie about that idea!!!

So the grid was set with 6 different manufacturers which was a definate recipe for start line drag race.

Rosberg was in control all the way from start to finish, where did that come from? On a track that eats tyres quicker than a Bridgestone Select recycling centre, the Mercedes Team seem to have got over their degradation problem.

Everyone was expecting that within a few laps normal sevice would resume and Mercedes would have gone backwards, the usual contenders battling it out up the front and Jason' new best friend, Webber, would slowly be making his way back through the field after losing 5 places on the first lap! But no, Rosberg kept going and going and...... He drove a fantastic race and gave Mercedes their first 'works' win since 1955 when Fangio won the Italian GP.

The race was going to be about who could get the most out of the 'Hard' Pirelli tyres and it was Jason' new best friend that pitted first and got his new boots on. This was a good move as Webber then started doing fastest laps and that started a pit lane frenzy, everyone wanted the hard tyres.

On the track you could see just how much wear the tyres were getting as down the straights there were marbles everywhere from about lap 7! 

At one stage 9 cars were nose to tail all wanting 2nd place with the brave ones going offline and onto the marbles trying to get past the car in front, I asked Bernie for rain and it did, it rained Marbles! 

The DRS sections were not working for any team as the zones were to short, another thing I will bring up with Bernie! Cars were having a ding dong all the way around, side by side, wheel to wheel, at one point I thought 3 cars were going to try to go through turn 8 together. This was just a brilliant race.

So a quick run down of the final result with 7 manufactures in the top 10! Rosberg, Jenson, Lewis, Webber (20th after his first stop!), Vettel, Grosjean, Senna, Maldonado, Alonso and Kobayashi rounding out the top 10. As for the Shoe maker, he had a nut allergy on lap 12 and was first to retire!!!!!!

Now onto Bahrain this weekend, where I will be wearing a Kevlar Bobble Hat........

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