Monday, December 18, 2017

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Malaysian GP - A soggy bobble hat's view.....

So F1 came alive in Sepang. Dear Bernie can we have rain every week?

A Red car won and we had nine different teams in the top 10, covered by only 50 seconds,now thats what F1 should be like.

2012 has started in a big way 75% of manufacturers have points already. Bernie will have a big freight bill next season. I have not even mentioned a bloke called Sergio Perez, no not a porn star but second on the podium this week.

blog4Sergio drove a very well educated drive. Never looking out of sorts up the front where normally he would have a nose bleed!!!! He kept the race winner Fernando Alonso honest to the end.

Lewis came in 3rd after having a few issues during a pit stop, a crew member had trouble removing some duct tape on an air intake for the brakes. The tape was used to keep too much water entering the brakes.

If it wasnt for the rain then the tape would not have been used and Lewis would have finished higher, another example of how the rain mixed it up in Malaysia.

Jenson caused his own downfall after running into Karthikayen and played catch up after having a nose job, finally finishing 14. McLaren still lead the constructors championship so the boys at the factory will have a small smile.

Webber came home 5th but went unoticed during the race his mate Vettel got a punture when he too hit Karthikayen later on in the race and finished 11th with Riciardo just behind in 12th.

The Shoe Maker came home 10, Rosberg 13. The Shoe Maker looked strong through qualifying claiming position 3 on the starting grid but good old Mr Rain sprinkled some old fashioned fun and games onto the Sepang circuit and caused all sorts of drama for every team.

blog3In football such a display would have the fans chanting 'Can we play you every week' So Mr Rain can you take a Vacation to China in 2 weeks time please.

Practice 1 on Friday 13th April 12pm Brisbane time. The Ferrari Tribe, led by King Alonso, are already practicing their rain dance.........

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