Watch out speeding drivers


Queensland Police have a new weapon for catching drivers that break the speed limit.

Back in the old days before technology you would keep you eyes peeled 1km up the road for the boys in blue, or drivers coming in the opposite direction would give you the heads up when the police were active.

But now the Police have a stealth weapon called digi cam. Digi cam is set upon the side of the road on a tripod (can not be seen) and takes a photo of your car speeding as you go past, then the image is sent to the Police down the road out of site.

When I was approaching the Police line up, with cars pulled over I thought it was a RBT (Random Breath Test) but no there were 4 officers standing in line all with ticket books writing up tickets like it was Christmas.

I can not believe how much revenue is being raised by the Queensland Police force at the moment.

I asked the officer what the ruling was as you drop down through speed zones. For instance I was exiting a highway to link up with another highway, the speed limit goes from 100 / 80 / 60 in a very short space. The officer said to me that you must be down to the correct speed by the 60 sign. But the police allow a 300m buffer past the sign and that is were the Digi cam is set up.

I also asked if I could see the image of my car with the speed I was doing. The officer told me by law he doesn't have to.

What are you thoughts on this at home. I would love to here you feedback.

I was caught doing 72 in a 60 zone 1 point and $133 dollar fine.

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